The Right Way to Test Drive

If you thought overnight test drives were only for luxury high end vehicles – think again.  Buying a car is a big decision. One hour is not long enough to complete your test drive. We believe that you need longer. Much longer.

If you purchase a vehicle through a member of the MyFleetUpdate dealer direct fleet management network, you’ll be able to test drive your preferred vehicle OVERNIGHT at no cost to you.

There’s many reasons why this is a better option.

By taking your potential new car on a longer drive, through various conditions, you’ll experience day / evening /night driving. This gives you more time to feel comfortable with the controls. You’ll also get a better “feel” for the car and have peace of mind when it comes to making your final purchase decision.

Test drive – without downtime

We understand that fleet downtime is one of the most common frustrations of fleet owners, that’s why the MyFleetUpdate dealer network offer an overnight test drive to include no fleet downtime to you!

Traditionally, to organise a test drive, you had to take time out of your day to visit the car dealer, leave your car there and then do the test drive.

Our overnight test drive means that our dealers will bring the evaluation vehicle to you. You can choose from leading vehicles in the dealer range. You’ll receive an overview of its features and when you are comfortable, we’ll leave the evaluation vehicle with you – overnight.

To save you more time, we’ll simply drive your vehicle back to our showroom.

The next day, we’ll bring your vehicle back to you and swap cars. There’s no fleet downtime to you – and to organise an overnight test drive, all you need to do is contact us!

Our overnight test drive service can save you even more time, as it includes a free evaluation of your vehicle for trade-in or sale price estimates. This service can be completed on your entire fleet with no downtime or inconvenience to you!

Terms & Conditions do apply, find out more by contacting us today.

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