An Insiders Guide to Shopping Around & Negotiation

If it pays to “shop around” why do so many people avoid doing it? Here’s how to make comparing, negotiating and feeling confident of your purchase, a whole lot easier!

In our dealings with local professionals, we see four key reasons that scare them off from shopping around:

  1. It’s time consuming
  2. Knowledge of products and services
  3. Negotiating the best price
  4. Confidence they have selected the right product on the market!

What do Health Insurance, Phone companies, and Utility providers all have in common? Competition. And a lot of it.

The Health Insurers, Utilities, and Phone companies are smart. Their products and services are so complex, that comparing apples with apples is difficult. Often, when you think you have the best price, its confusing to understand if you have the inclusions that are right for you.

The benefit of using professionals who understand the market, your needs and are on top of all special offers means that you spend less time, are less confused and more confident that you have selected the best product at the best price available on the market.

The same can be said for purchasing a car. Visiting a range of dealerships, speaking with a number of salesman and evaluating their offers can be a time consuming experience; then there’s the price.

With increased competition, it seems all manufacturers have “drive away” deals that dramatically reduce the floor price. Did you know that many people do NOT negotiate on price? Why? The art of negotiation is a skill that many people see as confrontational – and they avoid it. The result? They could miss out on further savings or inclusions.

The process of purchasing a new car has changed – in your favour.

Just like the comparison companies for phone, health insurance, and utilities, we can arrange the comparison and negotiation for you. Why would you purchase a fleet (or even private) vehicle any other way?

To discuss how to purchase, maintain, or manage your motor vehicle fleet of 1 or 1000 vehicles (and your private vehicles) reach out and ask us how today?

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