Sacrifice and Save!

Most people understand that salary sacrificing saves them money. However, when it comes to implementing this strategy, many avoid it as the process can seem daunting.

As you’re well aware, everyone pays taxes. Salary sacrificing is a legal way to reduce your tax liability – each year!

As the name suggests, you “sacrifice” your salary for items straight from your pre-tax pay. This means, your employer will deduct your nominated payment before it is actually taxed – which reduces your tax bill.  You don’t earn less money – you simply pay less income tax.

When you think about it, it’s not a sacrifice – it’s a saving!


Obtain a better deal

Salary Sacrificing is more than saving you taxes. You may also be entitled to fleet discounts which can save you big dollars, which means you can obtain better deal on your next car.


Do you qualify?

Self-employed, contractors, sub-contractors, tradies, office staff of small and large companies plus more can salary sacrifice.


Sacrifice your tax – not your time!

Now it’s easy to start. One phone call is all it takes. We’ll do EVERYTHING for you. This includes completing all the paperwork for you and your employer, plus we’ll hunt around the best deal on your car for you. We’ll also compare finance options to get you the best deal – all at no cost to you.


Why would you buy a fleet vehicle any other way? Contact us today so at the end of each financial year, you’ll be paying less tax and have more money in your pocket.


Save your family & friends’ money, headaches and lots of tax!

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