Reversing the Cost (and Stress) of Fleet Downtime

Vehicle downtime is often cited as the main frustration in fleet vehicle management. It leads to:

  • Lost sales
  • Wasted time
  • Inactive sales team
  • Stress

In our dealings with Business Owners, HR Managers, and Fleet Owners, we’ve found that vehicle downtime is one of their biggest stresses.

They tell us the negative impact of vehicle downtime means they sometime let car services slide or car services become overdue – which of course can place greater risk and stress on any vehicle and can also lead to more severe downtime and costs down the road. That’s why we’ve created a service that eliminates vehicle downtime.

Vehicle Replacement Program

Many of those in the MyFleetUpdate dealer direct fleet management network offer a vehicle replacement program. Whenever a managed fleet vehicle is due for a service or needs to undergo repairs, it will be picked up and a replacement vehicle dropped off. You can use that vehicle throughout the day, so you can continue your normal business operations.

When the service is complete, your vehicle will be returned to you, and loan vehicle simply collected from you.


Say “goodbye” to vehicle downtime!

Many Fleet Managers believe this service is only available to large fleet owners. We’re happy to report that this service is available to fleets of all sizes, even if that’s only 1! If your vehicle was purchased through our dealer network, or a MyFleetUpdate dealer manages your fleet, the Vehicle Replacement Program could be available to you.

If you purchased your vehicles elsewhere, or your fleet is managed by someone else, simply contact us and we’ll discuss your vehicle management needs with you.

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