Onsite & Mobile service. Have you considered these hidden costs?


Every fleet manager wants to maximise efficiency and reduce their fleet costs. To do this, they often believe by employing the services of a third party mechanic / organisation that can complete scheduled vehicle servicing, on site, is the best answer. On first inspection, it makes sense.

However, many fleet owners have discovered that scheduled servicing at their premises, by a third party mechanic onsite or mobile does not always save time, money and reduce their fleet downtime.

Hidden Dangers of a Third Party Mechanic

When using a third party mechanic to service and maintain a fleet, many Fleet Managers look over the importance of responsibility. That is, if there are any incidents with your fleet leading to injury, then the regulators will still come knocking on your door.  It’s important to ensure that whoever is doing the work is suitably qualified – and the parts they use are legal and suitable for your vehicle.

Is this the best use of time?

Onsite servicing may not make the best use of your employee’s time. Employees that remain on your premises, means they’re not on the road, visiting customers and closing sales. How much is this costing you with each service?

Is this a better use of time?

Courtesy cars are a great option for “off-site” scheduled services, however, many dislike the fact of needing to take their vehicle to the service centre and collect it when the service is complete. This time delay is considered too costly for many.

Have you considered this?

Many Fleet Managers consistently review their service contracts. Things change. The size of their fleet, age of vehicles, increased workloads – all put pressure on your fleet (and your fleet manager).

Now, through our dealer direct fleet management network, Fleet Managers have access to a fleet service that eliminates fleet downtime and the risk of receiving inferior parts.

Scheduled servicing by dealers in our network is completed with authorised repairers only using authorised parts. And here’s the kicker! A number of the dealers in our network will collect your vehicle, from you, at your premises. They’ll leave a courtesy vehicle with you and your staff will not miss a minute of work. When your scheduled service is completed, your car is returned to your site and they simply collect the courtesy vehicle. How’s that for service!

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