Need a Dual Cab Ute? We compare the best.

Selecting the best Dual Cab Ute on the market, for your needs, or your fleet, is a complex decision. There’s so many models and options to choose from. We know, we sell a lot of them.

Comparisons, like the one we’ve featured below, help you make an informed decision. You’ll see that prices, most key features and advantages are included. However, in our experience, it’s important to look past the drive away price, to ensure your purchase will in fact save you money and reduce vehicle downtime in the long-run.

To achieve this, here’s the questions you should also be asking your dealer:

What is the servicing schedule?

We don’t need to tell you that ongoing service to your Dual Cab Ute is vital. Many recommend 6 monthly service, however, Nissan Navara only requires one service per year, or 20,000km (diesel) or 15,000 (petrol).

Does your vehicle come with an ANCAP 5 Star Rating?

The higher the stars, the safer the car. Don’t get caught short on safety. The Nissan Navara has received an ANCAP 5 star rating.

What is it like on fuel?

The cost of fuel quickly adds to the cost of running your business. We’ve yet to meet a customer who likes to pay for more fuel than they need.

Between makes, there can be a huge difference in running costs! In our comparison, fuel economy ranges from 6.6 litres per 100km for the Nissan Navara all the way up to 8.1 litres per 100km for the Ford Ranger. That’s a big difference!

How can you help reduce ongoing downtime?

When you purchase a vehicle from us, and we can identify is as a fleet purchase (you’ll be surprised what constitutes a fleet vehicle – take a look here), we’ll also give you, at no extra cost, our ongoing Fleet Management Services. These help you reduce fleet downtime and help make running your fleet, easier and more cost effective.

Which Dual Cab is right for you? This comparison should help.

Comparison chart for Australia's leading Dual Cab Utes.


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