How You Can Help Your Staff Save Time and Money

Many believe they can only receive fleet discounts and service benefits if they own a large fleet of vehicles.  This is incorrect.

Not many people are aware that your staff, your family, friends – even you, can receive huge fleet discounts and service benefits on both private and commercial fleet vehicles.

Here’s how:

  • You’re a full time employee for a company. If you work for someone, we can automatically apply fleet discounts and fleet service benefits to you – even if you are purchasing only one vehicle for your own private use!
  • Your employer turns over more than 10 million dollars. Our fleet discounts are far greater than any staff discount scheme available in Australia.
  • You are self-employed, you can enjoy the benefits, savings and service extras that we provide to our fleet owners – even if you only own one car.

Here’s how private vehicles can now receive huge fleet discounts.

If a member of your staff, family, friend (or even you) are in the market for a new private vehicle for personal use, and would like to receive a fleet discount, simply contact us and we’ll explain how easy it is to receive a fleet discount on a personal use vehicle which is not part of a corporate fleet and compare prices for you.

To let your staff, family and friends know about this opportunity – simply share this article with them.

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