How much is misfuelling costing you?

Refuelling a vehicle with the incorrect fuel-type can be a simple, yet expensive mistake. Here’s how to avoid paying thousands for a “simple mistake”.

As more diesel-powered vehicles find their way into company fleets, it seems their drivers find the habit of reaching for the unleaded petrol nozzle at the servo a hard one to break. A survey of Australian Fleet Managers has found the problem of ‘misfueling’ has struck almost half (49 percent) of all Fleet Managers questioned.

It appears diesel-powered cars being subjected to a full tank of petrol was more common than the reverse. The cost of rectifying the misfuel averages $1,330.

This average cost includes towing the vehicle, associated repairs and a hire car for two days while the vehicle is off the road. Not included in the cost are items such as lost productivity.

As a hangover from the days of leaded petrol, unleaded nozzles are narrower than diesel nozzles, meaning an unleaded nozzle fits easily into the filler-neck for a diesel-powered vehicle. It is usually much harder to fit a diesel nozzle into an unleaded filler-neck.

There is a simple solution to this problem, it’s a simple ‘misfueling prevention cap’ worth around $100. (Google “misfueling prevention cap” on Ebay).

This item can help reduce the high risk of an employee “misfuelling” your fleet car – potentially saving you thousands.

Additional information: Trevor Collett, The Motor Report, Jun 2, 2016.

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