A Common Fleet Myth – BUSTED!

There’s a common misconception that fleets are the domain of big companies with large sales teams.

You’ll be glad to know that big companies only represents one segment of the vehicle owners we help to save money and time. Many of our customers only own one car – yet still receive fleet discount and service extras.

Fleet Owner Myth

Not all fleets are the domain of large corporations. Here’s some other people we help:

  • Tradies. Even if it’s just you and your ute, if you put signage on your vehicle, (covering at least 30% of it) you qualify for a national fleet discount. This includes a range of service extras including replacement vehicle to eliminate downtime!
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Nurses, doctors, policemen. Your private car can be included under our fleet management program, earning you service extra’s and fleet discounts!
  • Mum and dads
  • Hospitality employees
  • Most employees, including white collar

Fleet Finance Myth

Many fleet managers/vehicle owners feel trapped because they have existing finance. We regularly obtain cheaper rates to large fleet owners who have long relationships with existing finance providers. In fact, last week we saved over 2% on a fleet owner’s finance rate. He was blown away.

To see if we can reduce your fleet finance expenses, simply contact us.

You’ll notice no asterisks’ in our articles, as no conditions typically apply. Why not see how we can help you!

Who do you know that’s paying too much for their motor vehicle fleet finance? Make their day and share this good news with them!


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